Natural Organic Rose Water, 250 ml

Natural Organic Rose Water, 250 ml
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Premium quality and organic.
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Calming and uplifting, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, cardio-active, hypotensive, cooling astringent, aphrodisiac. Tonic with particular affinity to the heart, female reproductive organs and liver. Indications Anxiety and depression, bereavement, heartbreak, menopausal mood swings, functional infertility, irregular periods, and pelvic congestion. For anxiety 55 related palpitations. Conditions of heat relating to the liver and circulation. Gastro-intestinal ulceration. Suitable for all skin types especially dry, mature, sensitive skins. Will restore the skin’s pH. Use in eczema creams.

Ideal as a toner for dry, mature skin. Can also be used in face masks, steams and compresses. Ideal as a face spritzer during travel, especially on dehydrating plane journeys. Pregnant women can sip the water and use it as a lovely spritzer during labour. Contra-indications Rose essential oil is contra-indicated during pregnancy, so care should be taken by pregnant women with the water until more data is available.