Washing soda crystals, sodium carbonate 1 kg

Washing soda crystals, sodium carbonate 1 kg
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A jolly joker at your home!
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About the product

Re-invented in the 21st century this product is a jolly joker at your home! It not only removes grease, dirt from the textiles, but can be used as a bath tube cleaner, a toilet freshener and so forth. HOW YOU CAN USE: You can use it together with soapnut shells, put 2 spoons in the dispenser to maintain good cleaning effect. If you pre wash the kitchen towels, or greasy, oily jeans, put 3 spoons of washing soda in a 5-10 liter warm water to remove the stubborn dirt. Soak the textiles for a few hours. You can re-use your kids bathing water, or use rainwater, never mind. Textiles won't complain :). TIPS: put the washing soda on a piece of sponge and you can clean your fridge, oven,bath tube, etc. Do not use it on marble or steel.