Szafi Free Cocoa Oat Pudding 300gr (12 portions)

Szafi Free Cocoa Oat Pudding 300gr (12 portions)
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Some words about the product
Glutenfree, milk-free, soy-free, preservative-free, no added sugar, coloring or artificials
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About the product

Ingredients: glutenfree oatmeal flour, tapioca starch, dutch cocoa powder, salt, citric acid

Average nutrition

100 g product

1 adag (25 g) pudding powder


1496 kJ (335 kcal)

374 kJ (89 kcal)


6 g

1,5 g

 - of which saturates

1,7 g

0,4 g

Carbo hydrates:

57,2 g

14,3 g

 - of which sugars (1)

1 g

0,3 g


11,7 g

2,9 g


12,3 g

3 g


0,6 g

0,2 g



50 g Szafi Free Cocoa oat pudding powder;

300ml unsweetened plant milk or cow milk

kb. 30 g sugar or sweetener


Mix together the pudding powder with sweetener and milk.

Cook until thickened, stir constantly.

Serve warm or cold, with fruits and/or nuts, chocolate etc.