Eco-Z Multiage Deep Moisturising Face Cream 50ml

Eco-Z Multiage Deep Moisturising Face Cream 50ml
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Some words about the product
With organic green tea extract and Finnish chaga mushroom, vitamins and antioxidants. For all skin types
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About the product

Your skin is felxible and glamorous when deep moisturised.

Eco-Z Multiage Deep hydrating face cream helps to smooths the skin problems caused by environmental stress. Vitamins and antioxidants extracted from Vitamin E, organic green tea and Finnish chaga mushroom help to brighten your skin. Organic oil complex nourishes skins from normal to oily skin types day and night as well. The beeswax content builds a velvety protective layer on the sensitive face skin.

Use: put a generous amount of cream on your face and decolletage and disperse gently with circle moves.

Dermatologically tested.

Not irritating!

Proved efficacy in moisturising the skin.

TEWL test by Hamilton laboratories.